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7 Ways To Expand Your Business Through Digital Marketing in 2021

So many businesses are slowly focusing on the digital aspect of their business, recognizing the opportunities that come with having a strong online presence. Big or small, digital marketing can have a big impact on your business if executed correctly, which is why I am here to help. Fundamentally, there’s a lot more to Digital […]


5 ways to improve your SEO content marketing strategy in 2021

SEO has changed quite a bit over the years. With the world increasingly moving towards online, it becomes even more important to have strong and optimal SEO & Content for your site or web property. Search engines such as Google and Mozilla for example, are getting smarter and smarter which makes search engine specialists stay […]


An Intro to Microsoft Clarity Web Analytics

An Intro to Microsoft Clarity Web Analytics What is Microsoft Clarity Web Analytics? How is Microsoft Clarity different from Google Analytics? Should you install it? And How to get started?  Microsoft is entering the web analytics world with style by introducing Clarity by late October 2020: After testing the tool out in the past […]


How to Capitalize on Relevancy and Intent as a Marketer?

As we are moving more and more towards voice search, mobile-first indexing, and machine learning algorithms, search and SEO are becoming more and more… intentional. At least in the sense that you must focus on the intentions of your market. If the content is to successfully build strong SEO, it cannot be based solely on […]


Google Analytics Important Terms

The next step is to understand GA better so that we can transform it into relevant insight for our business. This is the part of Google Analytics that I call the practice. To practice, we get familiar with the important terms: the critical metrics and dimensions that you should learn before you are able to […]


Short Guide to On Page SEO Tags | On Page SEO Optimization Intro

What is on page optimization? The optimizations that you can do on-page of the site. These optimizations include most of the on-page tags of the website. What are the most important SEO On Page Tags? What are the on-page tags that we can optimize? Meta Title tags Meta descriptions Page URLs Content on page Alt […]