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Tarek Riman

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Tarek Riman , Speaker, Author, Digital Marketer

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Short Bio

I have worked with 300+ agencies, SMBs and Fortune 500s. I hold 30+ certifications in digital marketing including AdWords, Analytics, Bing, Hubspot, Woorank, Facebook & Hootsuite.

With a passion for exploration and sharing new discoveries, I also founded, with proceeds going to the UN Refugee Agency, Breakfast Club of Canada, Montreal Children’s Hospital and other causes. I am also involved with NGOs & charities in Canada & worldwide.

I am also the international best selling author of “The Camino Within”, “The SEO Way” and “The Secret to Capitalizing on Analytics”. I also enjoy contributing posts to the Huffington Post, Thrive Global & Social Media Today.

With Passion for teaching and marketing, I am a university instructor at JMSB, Concordia University, McGill University, and other international universities.

My book on digital marketing “The Digital Way” will be out on May 20, 2020.

Marketing Certifications

Google AdWords Certifications Google Analytics Certifications Facebook Certifications Other Certifications
– Google Advanced Search
– Advertising Fundamentals
– Mobile Advertising
– Video Advertising
– Shopping Advertising
– Display Advertising
– Accredited Bing Ads Professional
– Google Tag Manager
– DoubleClick Rich Media
– Google Analytics Certified Individual
– Digital Analytics Fundamentals
– Platform Principles
– Ecommerce Analytics
– Mobile App Analytics
– Advanced Google Analytics
– Google Analytics for Beginners
– Google Mobile Site
– Google Digital Sales
– Targeting: Core Audiences Certification
– FB & Instagram Certification
– Promote Your Business from Your FB Page Certification
– Ad Auction & Delivery Overview
– Extend Your Campaign’s Reach with Audience Network
– Google Wildfire
– Woorank | Certified Marketing Partner
– Hootsuite Certified Professional
– HubSpot | Inbound Marketing Certified
– SEMrush SEO Certified

Skills & Abilities

Skill/Experience Time
Analytics 11 Years
SEO 11 Years
SEM 11 years
Social Media Marketing 9 Years
Content Marketing/Strategy 10 Years
Digital Marketing Strategy/Coaching 10 Years
Email Marketing 10 Years
Google Analytics, Omniture, Web

Trends, Crazy Egg, Web Analytics

10 years
Holistic Web Strategy and Integration 10 years
Workshops/Training/Public Speaking 5 Years

Volunteering and Giving Back

  • UNHCR – Gave the proceeds of the first 200 copies of my book “The Camino Within”
  • Volunteer at the Shriners Hospital VP Marketing (JSG – John Molson Sustainability Business Group)
  • Web Marketer and Mobile App Specialist (JMSB MBA CASE COMPETITION)
  • Graphic Designer & Sponsorship Manager (Unicef Concordia)
  • VP Marketing & Communication at CISA (Concordia International Student Association)
  • Graphics Design/Marketing/Webmaster at (Youths – NGO)
  • Ambassador at Career Management Service in Concordia University CSU Staff Manager (Events Management)
  • VP Marketing at Colors of Concordia (Part of Tour de l’ile)
  • Graphic Designer at International Ethnic Associations Council
  • Organizer at Spartan Race


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