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Analytics is the backbone of any good business strategy. The data collected tells you where you are, where you need to be, which of your efforts are successful, where improvements are needed and so much more.


Analytics for site growth

Understanding your target market

Your reports will include:

  1. Consolidated data at a global level
  2. Marketing and business directions
  3. Detailed data for your Marketing team to act on


Service includes:

  1. Analytics tracking
  2. Ecosystem tracking
  3. SEO analysis
  4. Purchase intent and close rate surveys
  5. Complete Integrated approach

Why is Analytics So Important?

You know the saying ‘knowledge is power’. Knowledge is also profit, advantage and agility. With solid analytics, you’re able to improve the overall health of your business.


Analytics provide you with the ability to:


  1. Make better decisions based on concrete data
  2. Face complex problems with confidence
  3. Turn unknown risk into calculated risk
  4. Take advantage of historical conversions to build projections
  5. Outsmart the competition
  6. Optimize conversions across all properties
  7. Identify areas of strongest improvement on sales and awareness
  8. Identify problematic areas in need of improvement
  9. Identify tactics for improvement
  10. Track performance of campaigns, promotions and other efforts over time
  11. Reduce bounce rate and increase engagement
  12. Understand how to convert more visitors to acting customers
  13. Increase revenue


Additional Value:Analytics

  1. Improve business health
  2. Identify area of improvement
  3. Identify tactics of improvement


Tools Utilized

  1. GTM – Google Analytics Tag Manager
  2. Google Web Master Tools
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Page speed
  5. Google Mobile Friendly



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